Every single student at St. James-Santee is on the free and reduced lunch program.

Let that sink in..

St. James-Santee Elementary-Middle School is a rural school on the northern boundary of Charleston County located in beautiful McClellanville, South Carolina, and surrounded by the Francis Marion National Forest.

The school is known for its small class sizes and ability to individualize learning to make the educational experience more personal for each student.  

These teachers and administrators are doing amazing work in this community.

My daughter, Vera, is an avid reader.

She LOVES reading.

She's decided that she wants to share the gift or reading with every student at St. James-Santee.

So, she's on a mission to raise $3000 to buy a book for every student in the school.

I'm so proud of her, and wanted to share with my community. If you're willing to help in any way, you can do so below.

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