That value prop on your website?

It's more than just #marketing.

It's a promise.

The first promise you make to your customers. The very beginning of #customersuccess.

And a global pandemic is teaching us that it's more important than ever to deliver on those promises.

Customer success is the operating model for *how* those promises are delivered in #saas.

So how has your approach to customer success changed over the past few months? (would love to hear your examples👇)

On June 25 I’ll be part of a live, virtual event where we'll be discussing just that.

We'll cover three topics near to my heart:

🎯 Aligning to customer outcomes
🎯 Differentiating CS and Support
🎯 Processes and tools

Cohosts for the event are:

Rick Adams from PracticalCSM [dot] com
Remco de Vries of inSided
Philipp Wolf from Custify

And featuring:

Kristi Faltorusso from IntelliShift - a division of VTS
Rav Dhaliwal from Crane Venture Partners
Maranda Ann Dziekonski from Swiftly, Inc.
Irit Eizips from CSM Practice
And me, Jay Nathan from Customer Imperative

These people are some of the best in the business. Honored to participate alongside them.

More info and registration below.

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