1. Build a product that meets a market need
2. Create a go to market engine
3. Align ALL functions of your org around retaining and growing those customers
4. Scale it all up

This is the natural order of things (although we think it’s never too early to start building a customer-centric organization).

Private equity firms have varying reputations, but I’ve come to learn that there are many different PE firm profiles out there. Some focus on financial engineering, others on rolling up competitors. But then there are some that help companies take whatever it is they have to the next level. They focus on building great products, maintaining great cultures and achieving true customer success to drive enterprise value.

That’s called growth equity.

Over the past three years we’ve had the privilege of working with a few dozen growth equity-backed SaaS companies. Along the way we’ve met some amazing people and organizations, one of them being ParkerGale Capital.

Cool thing about these guys is that they have wildly successful podcast. And I had the opportunity to join Paul Stansik a couple of weeks ago on the “PE Funcast” to talk about #customersuccess. I’ve shared it below. 👇

Take a listen and let me know what you think.

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