The benefits of becoming a customer-centric company have never been more clear.

But the question still remains: How?

Here are five *behaviors* that the most customer-centric companies are exhibiting:

1. Orient toward outcomes

They are leaving bookings behind as the only measure of success. In fact, they are also leaving adoption behind as a measure of success. They use success planning techniques to truly understand, document and track their customers’ business goals.

2. Tailor engagement model according to tiers

Not all customers need or want the same level of touch. By segmenting your customer experience, you can provide the right level of touch to customers.

3. Use Health KPIs to drive engagement

They track a number of independent indicators of health including business health, engagement levels, outcome achievement, adoption and utilization, sentiment and product quality / performance. They also have processes (aka playbooks) in place so that their teams know how to respond when red flags arise.

4... [continued 👇]

Customer-centric is about action on the customer’s behalf, not words. What other behaviors would you add to this list?

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