"The CSM team is bogged down with support tasks."


šŸ˜¢ The CSM role is ill-defined, and becomes a white-glove extension of support.

šŸ˜… The CSM is introduced *after* implementation, so the customer thinks it's their next technical resource.

šŸ˜© Support is overloaded and can't handle more complex requests / communications.

Once CSMs are on their heels - responding to customer requests, chasing tickets - they are no longer strategic actors for the customer or on behalf of the business.

And it's difficult, though not impossible, to ween customers off of this white glove treatment after they've gotten a taste of it.

To maximize the value of #customersuccess teams we have to get them **out of the support loop** so they can:

- reinforce the value our product/company
- provide best practice consultation
- identify expansion opportunities

Have you had this challenge in your organization, and how did you fix it?

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