The first 30 days of a new job are all about listening and learning. If I were starting in a new #customersuccess role on Monday, here’s the playbook I’d follow:

Internal listening tour, 1v1 or small groups:
- direct reports
- peers
- implementation / services
- support
- education
- product
- engineering
- sales
- hr
- marketing
- finance
- board

Customer listening tour:
- shadow 10 customer calls
- listen to 10 calls on Gong (sped up 1.75x)
- do 10 customer calls myself
- read discussions on customer community forums

I’d ask the same, simple set of open-ended questions to everyone I talk to:

1. what’s going well?
2. where can we improve?
3. What untapped opportunities do we have?

Then I’d summarize my findings into a document or presentation so I can share my learnings:

👊 Top 3 items in: 1) going well, 2) needs improvement, 3) untapped opportunities categories

👊 Contrasts between internal and external views

👊 Where can my team make an impact?

👊 Where will we need help from other teams?

👊 Where do I need to gather more data?

👊What will I focus on the next 30-60 days?

What else would you add?

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