It is entirely possible that a company filled with customer-centric people doesn’t feel customer-centric to its customers.

The problem?

The processes are designed from the inside out, rather than customer firs.

For example:

- the way we sell
- transition to CS / delivery
- onboarding
- training
- adoption
- product releases
- bug fixes
- invoicing
- renewing
- transitioning to support
- ...

One of my favorite quotes across all of the Gain Grow Retain podcasts we’ve done is from Lisa Pratt at Kronos Incorporated:

“Kronos has always cared about our customers. You can’t have as many customers as we have if you don’t care about them. But I think it’s different to have people who are customer-facing be good withc customers. Versus have it part of your culture and part of your DNA. And for people to recognize that even though I’m not customer facing, if I were to design that process differently, that would help the customer get more value. Or that would help make Kronos easier to do business with for the customer.”

How are you making your **whole company** more customer centric?

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