There’s no magic or dark art to customer success.

It’s a matter of focus on just three things...

1. Relationships
2. Value
3. Engagement

Here are a handful of questions leaders can ask (and CSMs can be prepared to answer) about each of your customers:


-Who are the key stakeholders?
(economic, technical, and user buyers, champions)
-Do we have strong relationships with each?
-If not, what are our next steps to build those relationships?
-Who else from our team do we need involved?

**Value delivery**

-What are the key stakeholders’ internal goals?
-Are they meeting them?
-How is utilization of the product?
-Is product usage contributing to meeting the goals?
-What open issues are hindering success?

**Engagement activity**

-What are our regular touch points?
(cadence calls, exec sponsor 1on1s, project mtgs)
-What projects are ongoing?
-When was the last exec business review?
-What advocacy activities are planned?
(references, webinars, case studies, etc)

Simple on the surface.

A ton of work underneath.. kinda like an iceberg.

The faster we answer these questions, the higher our chances of retaining and growing each customers.

What questions are you asking about your customers?
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