#CSM: “I’m having a hard time building exec relationships in my accounts.”

That’s because you’re not providing enough value.

And you’re talking about your product or company too much.

Execs don’t really want to hear about your product roadmap, features, adoption, utilization metrics..

Those are all inputs.

What they care about are outputs.

Instead of utilization metrics, try introducing them to an industry peer.

Instead of showing them your roadmap, ask them what trends they see, and how it’s shaping your industry.

Instead of adoption, open a dialog around *their* quarterly business objectives.

In short, talk less about you and more about their company, industry and goals.

Once you understand them, and have some rapport, then

-share how your product supports their goals.

-show how your roadmap aligns to industry trends they are seeing.

-give them #customersuccess stories that will resonate.

We’re not entitled to executive sponsor attention just because they are a customer.

We have to continue to work for it.

If we treat each of our customers like we’re still earning their business (in #saas we are) we’ll build relationships differently.

How are you building exec relationships with your customers?

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