In enterprise SaaS there's one workflow we can adjust to make an immediate and material difference in customer outcomes and experience:

The Sales --> Customer Success transition.

a.k.a onboarding.

Generally, it should follow this flow:

- Sales exec intros CSM preclose (when deal is 80% certain)

- Internal Sales to CS knowledge transfer meeting

- External Strategy Call with key customer stakeholders

- External Kickoff Call with all involved customer stakeholders

These four steps allow the customer, sales, customer success, and implementation to have the right information and alignment.

And yet..

Many companies aren'f facilitating a process like this. This transition is left to chance.

It's confusing internally, and completely frustrating for the customer who has just placed their trust in our company.

We start off on the wrong foot, and the renewal is at risk from day 1.

We can do better. What are the barriers that are preventing a smooth transition for your customers? What steps have you taken to improve?

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