I was a month into my new job as vp, customer success in a series D startup.

One of my team members told me they were spending a couple hours per week updating time entries in salesforce.

“Who looks at the reports that come from this?” I asked.

“Management,” they answered.

“Well, I’m ‘management’ and I haven’t heard anything about this data or reports that come from it. How about this… Why don’t you stop entering this data for a couple weeks, and if something blows up we can revisit it. If nothing happens, then we’ll let the whole team stop tracking time, too.”

Guess what happened next?


So we scrapped the time tracking.

Always be on the lookout for processes that don’t add value.

Especially if they add red tape and mundane work to employees’ days.

Name a useless process you eliminated recently. 👇

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