“We introduce the CSM after Onboarding and implementation are complete.”

But what happens if there are account level issues *during* Onboarding?

Could be a contractual pushback.

Or the loss of a key stakeholder.

Or inability to move a customer forward (more common than you might realize!).

One of two things happens. The Sales team has to be pulled back in because they have the existing relationship.


We introduce the CSM at this point to fix the problem.

Without a relationship to lean on.


Consider introducing the CSM immediately after the closed-won sale.

Have the Sales rep make the warm relationship handoff to the CSM and let them start building their own relationships and developing the initial Joint Success Plan with the customer.

And when there’s a problem?

They will already have context and relationship.

Instead of reacting, they will already be in a proactive stance with the customer.

***Transitions between your internal departments are the riskiest parts of the customer journey.***

What techniques are you using to mitigate that risk for your customers?

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