Of course we all want to scale up customer engagement with technology.

But it we haven’t validated our approach with real customers first, we might just be doing what’s good for us (efficiency).

We will probably get it wrong.

And will have wasted a bunch of time and energy in the process.

At Higher Logic we use an approach we call going from “zero to one.”

Zero to one is figuring out how to get customers engaged through a certain type of activity for the first time.

A new training
A usage-based Intervention trigger
Success planning
Executive reviews
A live, virtual event
A webinar

Our CX team helps drives these initiatives partnering with departmental heads (implementation, services, support, product, etc).

Then, once we have an interaction we know works, CS Ops steps in to fully operationalize and scale it.

Designing and testing **how to engage** is often a separate activity from making it fully operational.

Are you operationalizing something that you haven’t tested with real customers on a small scale?

If so, how could you go validate your assumptions before you invest in scaling it❔

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