“Success with a partner means you really need to have your act together from an operational standpoint if you’re going to bring in another company to help you sell and deliver.”

Well-said Megan Macaluso.

When it comes to reseller partnerships, a 3rd part suddenly owns responsibility for our lifeblood as a #saas company:


So what role does #CustomerSuccess play when it comes to driving channel?

For one, they have to externalize the CS program;

Teach it to partners;

And potentially even help tailor it to the partner’s go to market approach.

In other words, CS becomes an enablement team, formalizing the CS methodology and acting like a consultant to help our partners drive retention.

This may be the pinnacle of all customer success careers.

I’m curious to hear from other customer leaders - what role does your team play in driving channel program results?


p.s. Megan has become a good friend over the past year since Jeff and I met her at CS100.

You can check out the full conversation we had about partner success on the Gain Grow Retain podcast 👇

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