Let's make 2021 the year we flip the script in #customersuccess

What do I mean "flip the script?"
I'll tell you..

Instead of talking about features..
We'll work hard to understand the business problem you're trying to solve and, only then, offer solutions.

Instead of focusing on renewal and upsells..
We'll lead you toward adopting our products in a way that maximize your results.

Instead of a sole focus on products..
We'll share best practices and techniques that will make you a hero.

Instead of trying to do it all ourselves..
We will use execs and other team members to build enduring customer relationships.

Instead of managing escalations..
We'll have our fingers on the customer pulse and proactively diffuse difficult situations.

Instead of one-on-one interactions..
We'll incorporate one-to-many and many-to-many customer programs (and build community in the process).

Instead of handling support cases..
We'll focus on making customers into public advocates for our brand and products.

The results?

Improved retention.

More expansion sales opportunities.

Higher YoY revenue growth.

2021 is the year that #csm will solidify as one the most invaluable and sought after roles in a #saas.

Bring it on!

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