What is an outcome?

“something that follows as a result or consequence” (per Webster’s)

It’s the way a situation turns out.

The end state.

Our customers are looking for positive outcomes.

Not in adoption of our products, but in the *business results* our products help generate.

It takes a deliberate and consultative approach to align with customers on their goals and how to measure them.

(this is why I think of CSM as a consultant, not sales or support).

We use a two-part system for laying out goals.

First the objective. For example:

I want to improve my health by lowering my blood pressure.

As measured by:

Reduce my blood pressure from X to Y by July 31, 2020.

It’s a “SMART” goal:


Then we need to identify the activities that will produce this outcome. Leading indicators. For example:

Exercise for 45 mins / day, 4 days per week

Eat 10 servings of fruit and vegetables per day

Reduce carb intake by 50% per day

We have a goal, a strategy for achieving it, and ways to measure the outcome and activities that influence it.

Are you using a similar approach with your customers? If so, how has it changed their outcomes, and your relationship with them?👇

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