Every minute waiting feels like two...

When I started waiting tables in high school, one of the first tricks I learned was to greet guests immediately when they are seated.


Because every minute they spend waiting to be greeted feels like two minutes.

Even if I couldn’t take an order at that moment, at least they knew I was their server and how long it would take me to get back to them.

Without this step, it would be easy for the customer to assume that there was a breakdown in the process… that nobody was coming… they were forgotten…

In the absence of communication, customers make up stories about what’s happening or not.

Sometimes, we do this to our customers, prospects, and colleagues. A question, a case, or a request comes in and we get to work on it… with all the right intentions.

But we forget to communicate, “I’ve got this, and I’ll be back with you by…”

Whether in support, customer success, sales, or other area, what processes do you use to prevent this from happening to your customers?

(I bet Ed Powers can explain the brain science behind this.)

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