You know what's hard?

Facilitating a group discussion with 30+ people.

What's harder still?

Facilitating a group discussion with 30+ people in a Zoom Breakout Room!

I want to thank Megan Bowen, Nils Vinje and David Ellin for lending their time, talent and experience lead CS Leadership Office Hours this week.

These people are truly rock stars in the #saas world.

If you couldn't make it this week, we focused on Customer Health Scores and Playbooks, and we divided into subgroups to compare notes at the practitioner level.

Nothing. But. Value.

Thanks to those who attended and we'll see you next week. Same time, same place. 11:30am EDT. More detail👇

And shout-out to the rest of the Customer Imperative team who pitch in each week to make this a great experience: Willow, Sheryl, Alex.

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