How do you build a #customersuccess in a multi-national organization with multi-national companies?

What's the engagement model?

Who is responsible for the global customer relationship?

How do local customer success relationships factor in?

What role do Sales / Account Mgt play?

Certainly a set of questions you might expect to hear on an APAC-focused #CSLeadershipOfficeHours.

Speaking of which, the first one is in the record books, after a long wait on the part of our friends down under.

Thanks to Margaret Foley, Gary Rubinstein, Mark Latham, Daniel Lean, Steven Ly, Gina Mae Aldea-Samia, Tim de Groot, Bodin Pollard, Rachel Jennings, Cristina Di Vincenzo, Hui Chin Teoh, Ashley Crane, Sean McCutcheon, Mairead Walsh, Beatrice Ellefsen, Tejas Satyan, Robert Luu, FCXP (CX-I), HCP, ACDA Advanced, Jason Grubisic, Karan Chaudhary, April Thompson(Zeng) 🚀, Niki Clarke-Crossman, Dale Blackmore, Jessica Pol, Pinaki Mallick, Revathi Venkatraman

And many more of you who I could not find on LI.

Great group, especially for our first call.

Looking forward to getting to know you all better - and learning together.

Already looking forward to the next call!

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