I'm getting messages from #customersuccess folks who have been laid off.

If you've been let go and you're looking for options, consider taking a look at companies that serve industries that are currently experiencing high demand. For instance:

- Communications
- Collaboration Tool Makers
- Health Care Device Manufacturers (ventilators)
- Telehealth
- Sanitary Product Manufacturers (soaps, hand sanitizers, paper towels, toilet paper...)
(added based on great comments below)
- Teletherapy
- Delivery providers
- Logistics / supply chain optimization
- E-commerce tools

While you're looking, don't sit idle. Instead:

- Write a post or article on LinkedIn about how you implemented certain processes at your last company
- Take the time to research a topic you're been interested in
- Read a business book

To my network, what other high-demand industries should folks be looking into right now?

If you have open CS positions, please share. 👇

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