Do you believe that maintaining personal relationships drives customer and company success in #B2B#SaaS?

If so, how are you measuring it to answer these questions:

🚦 Who are our CSMs connected with (personally)?

🚦 Do we have coverage up and down the org chart?

🚦 What is the strength of each relationship?

🚦 What is the influence does each individual have?

🚦 What is each individual's sentiment toward our company?

I’ve not found anyone in the industry who has put more time and energy into measuring these things than Ziv Peled and his team at AppsFlyer.

On July 22nd, Ziv kicks off the Gain Grow Retain ***Operator Excellence Series*** with a discussion on Measuring Customer Relationships in B2B SaaS.

This series will feature industry titans who are willing to go deep and SHOW THEIR WORK.

You can expect detailed content and two-way dialog, so come ready to participate.

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