Your #NPS score is nothing more than a vanity metric.

I’m more interested in the following:

1. Who didn’t respond?

Customers that don’t respond are 3-14x more likely to cancel than those who do (source: Steve Bernstein).

2. What did you learn?

All those comments? What actual feedback did they contain? Did you read every. Single. One?

3. What are you going to DO?

What will you do with the feedback. My friend Nancy Abercrombie says “Never ask for feedback you’re not willing to act upon.”

4. Did you close the loop?

Did you report back what you learned by customer (for big accounts) or by segment (for smaller accounts).

NPS and other customer feedback tools can be powerful *engagement* tools.

And the whole reason to ask is so you can better deliver value to customers.

So, do you just have a vanity metric? Or do you have REAL engagement with your customers, and the benefits of learning that come along with it?
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