#SaaS customer onboading ≠ implementation.

Implementation involves requirements. Spreadsheets. Integrations. Configurations. Project plans.

All the tactical steps involved in getting a customer ready to use the technology you've sold.

But who is *onboarding* the customer?

> Transitioning the economic buyer relationship from sales
> Creating new relationships with new contacts
> Validating business goals
> Creating a measurable success plan
> Ensuring the customer understands the process
> Providing industry best practices and insights
> Connecting customers with content and resources

There is a huge opportunity to solidify a customer for life by engaging with them proactively and strategically from the start.

For enterprise saas it should begin really early. At verbal commit in the sales cycle.

But this can't happen if we treat onboarding and implementation as the same thing.

Onboarding is the job of a CSM for a new customer.

My colleague Sheryl Hawk designed the CS Battle Plan (👇) to address this. It outlines strategic engagement at each stage of the customer lifecycle.

What activities are in your cs battle plan? Anything you'd add?

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