“Why aren’t our CSMs more productive?”

Because they are getting sucked into support instead of engaging customers, tracking customer health, building Joint Success Plans, etc...

If you want to have a proactive customer engagement function, support has to be working.

It’s the “dial tone” behind customer success.

And not only support... the engineering process, too.

Here are some simple questions you can ask to understand how these functions are performing in your org:

- how long does it take to respond to a customer with a solution to their support request?

- how long does it take for engineering to release a bug fix that you’ve agreed to?

- are the systems that track issues across support and engineering fully integrated (e.g. zendesk/service cloud/etc to Jira)

The ability to quickly address customer product issues and communicate around them is **table stakes.**

If this isn’t working, it’s going to be difficult to drive true, proactive #customersuccess engagement.

Are you measuring this part of the customer experience so you can improve it?

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