Sometimes #cs teams don’t get enough information from sales on new customers:

Why did a new customer buy?

Who are the key stakeholders?

What expectations exist?

What are business drivers?

What timeline requirements?

And if we don’t know what’s important to the customer, it’s more difficult to ensure a successful outcome.

So for me, a fundamental tenet of #customersuccess is to know your starting point.

If #sales isn’t used to providing answers to these questions, CS should gather them from the customer upon introduction.

We will quickly realize that customers don’t like repeating themselves. So...

The very next step is to set up a process.

We’ve used a simple survey in the past that account execs fill out and attaches to an opportunity in salesforce.

And in other places we’ve added data requirements to the opportunity management flow in salesforce.

No matter how you implement this, it’s key to move from ad-how to a scalable process; for our own sanity AND to improve customer experience.

So I’m curious to hear what other creative methods and processes that folks are using to bridge the information gap during post-sale transition? 👇

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